Stop Over-Exfoliating – It’s Horrible for your Skin!
Stop Over-Exfoliating - It's Horrible for your Skin!

Over-exfoliating is a problem that plagues so many people without them realizing they’re doing it. I get it, exfoliating gives you an instant result: smooth, glowing skin that’s luminous and free of ashiness that plagues those with dry skin. But you can take it too far. That’s when you over-exfoliate. There are two types of […]

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The Basics of PNF Stretching and How it’s Done
The Basics of PNF Stretching and How it's Done

We’ve all heard that stretching is a great way to calm our bodies. It promotes breathing and relaxation, making it a smart way to redirect nervous, anxious, and/or stressed energy. A few simple yoga poses at your desk can do wonders for both your body and your outlook! It’s no wonder that I’m a huge […]

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