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You’ve probably heard that exfoliation is great for your skin, right? But what is exfoliation and why does it matter? Well, there are many reasons to exfoliate regularly (which would be at least 2-3 times per week). With summer ending and fall fast approaching, there’s no better time to revamp your skincare routine and freshen up your skin. With exfoliation you can get rid of your dull, dead summer skin and freshen up your look for this fall’s festivities.

If you’re wondering what exfoliation is, let me explain. The top layer of your skin is known as the epidermis. When new cells are created they start at the bottom layer of your epidermis and existing cells are moved towards the surface of your skin where they die. The dead cells lay on the top of your skin as a barrier between it and your environment, basically keeping moisture in and contaminants out. Eventually, this top layer of skin sheds. Exfoliation is what happens when that top layer of skin cells shed. 


As you age, your skin’s natural process of exfoliating slows down and that’s why your skin can look dull and flaky. If you exfoliate, it can make your skin look prettier and brighter. However, many of the physical exfoliants sold in the US are made with plastic micro beads which are awful for our environment. If you’re environmentally conscious like me, this is a no-go. When you’re using one of these physical scrubs, it can also be easy to scratch or create tiny injuries in your skin. This is why scrubbing may not be your best bet for good exfoliation, especially if your skin tends to be prone to inflammation.


There are many reasons why exfoliation is great for your skin, here are a few of them:


1. To get bright, glowing skin – When you exfoliate your skin appears smoother and looks refreshed as the cells on the top layer of your skin are newer. Your skin’s tone should also improve. If you have sun damage or dark spots, exfoliation can also help to lessen these if you’re doing it regularly. Scar removal is another great benefit of exfoliation over time.

2. You can minimize your pores and have better looking makeup – When you apply makeup to skin that has dry skin cells on it, your makeup can go on unevenly and your skin will still look rough. When you exfoliate, you minimize your pores because you’re removing dirt in the pores that can make them larger.

3. To reduce breakouts – A deep exfoliation can help unclog your pores from excess oil which makes it a great treatment for acne. Exfoliation can also help reduce the appearance of acne scars.

4. To hide wrinkles – When your skin has dead skin cells on it and you apply makeup to it, the makeup will simply lay on top of your skin instead of blending into it. This will magnify fine lines on your face. When your skin is smoothed out by exfoliation it can even help to make your wrinkles look smaller. Exfoliation can help with skin tightening which will improve your complexion as a whole.


5. To Allow absorption of other products – When your skin isn’t properly exfoliated, the other steps of your skincare routine aren’t effective. If your pores are blocked, then your other skincare products won’t be able to infiltrate your skin. When dirt is removed from your pores products such as Yonka’s amazing moisturizers can best nourish your skin.



Some products I love that are great for skin resurfacing and exfoliation:


  • Gommage Yonka – A great exfoliating and clarifying gel peel that’s great for dry or sensitive skin.
  • Guarana scrub – A detoxifying and exfoliating scrub that will unclog, polish and invigorate your skin.
  • Alpha-exfoliateur – A renewing and exfoliating peel that’s great for all skin types with AHA. This peel helps cell renewal and refines skin grain.
  • Essential white solution clarte– A daily bright peel solution.
  • Men’s foam scrub – This skin polisher is great for anti-dullness and cleanses as well as tightens the pores.
  • Gommage corps – This soft body gel peel without grain exfoliates, hydrates and firms your skin.
  • African black soap – This soap has no added preservatives, color enhancers or added fragrance and helps to strengthen your skin and hair. It’s good for thinning hair lines, evening out dark spots on the skin, relieving eczema and acne prone skin.
  • Dead sea mineral mud mask – This mask has a high concentration of salt and minerals. It can help your cells function and brings vital nutrients and oxygen to your skin which will naturally moisturize and smooth your skin.


A great service to try for resurfacing and exfoliation would be:


  • The alpha vital facial – This facial is a great way to enhance your skin’s radiance and to resurface your skin. It’ll refine your skin’s texture, help to diminish wrinkles and lines and brighten as well as hydrate your skin.
  • Dermaplaning – This can help exfoliate and improve the texture of your skin. It’s painless and removes dead skin and fine hairs from your face.


Sun care for skin

After exfoliation your skin might be more sensitive to the sun so be sure to put sunscreen on before heading outside. You should use SPF 30 or higher, but let’s be real, you should be using sunscreen daily to protect your beautiful skin. If you’re interested in booking one of these treatments or coming in to check out the Yonkaproducts I have, visit my website to set-up an appointment.


I’m in the office Monday-Saturday if you’d like to stop by and check out a product on the fly as well! Remember to exfoliate daily so that you always have your best face on.

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