If you’re breaking out and you don’t know why, your pillow case could be a culprit. Much like cleaning your makeup brushes so they don’t harbor dirt and bacteria that could irritate your skin, you want to sleep on as fresh a pillowcase as possible.

Why You Should Change your Pillow Case Frequently

When you’re sleeping, your face is right up against the fabric for eight hours (you are getting a full eight, right?) This is when your skin cells do the most reproduction and slough off. And they’re shedding right there in your bed.

There’s also the likelihood of many other things getting on your pillow case (and your skin) that shouldn’t be there. I’m talking about any moisturizer or other skincare products that haven’t fully absorbed into your skin, oils from your face and hair, and sweat.

If left uncleaned, this can cause major irritation and an increase in blemishes, especially on the side you sleep. The skin on your face is delicate and much more susceptible to irritants than the rest of your body, though skin on other parts of your body could be irritated just as much as the skin on your face if you leave your sheets on your bed for a long time.

Most all experts agree that you should be laundering all of your linens about once a week. This is especially the case if you sleep naked or sweat heavily in your sleep. Pillow cases, however, should be changed more frequently to prevent bacteria and pore-clogging substances from irritating and breaking out your skin.

Plus, it’s so much nicer to climb into bed at night when the sheets are fresh and cleaned!

If You Don’t Have Time to Wash Your Sheets Multiple Times a Week…

Keep a few extra pillow cases in your linen closet and aim to change your case at least twice a week – unless you love doing laundry. I have a feeling it’s like washing your makeup brushes every day and no one has time for that!

If your skin is inflamed and irritated, take a look at the things that come into contact with your face daily: makeup brushes, hats and scarves, and pillow cases. These items should all be cleaned regularly for your skin to stay healthy and glowing!

Why You Need to Change Your Pillow Cases Regularly to Have Healthy Skin

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