Exercising feels great and can help you to achieve that healthy glow. These are a few of the reasons why I love working out. Not only does it make you more beautiful on the outside, but it’s also great for your heart, lungs and mental wellness! With spring and summer coming, the opportunity to be more active in your life is approaching.



If you want a hobby that’ll get you outside to enjoy this weather then there’s no better time to start exercising! Every cell in your body benefits from physical activity. Exercise can decrease your anxiety, help you sleep better and process your blood sugar better along with any skin benefits.



1. Exercising Oxygenates Your Skin


When you exercise it increases your blood flow which nourishes your skin cells. When your blood flows increases, it carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells through your body. Blood flow can wash away waste products including free radicals from working cells. Basically, the tiny arteries in your skin open up when you exercise which allow for more blood to reach your skin’s surface and speed up the production of collagen. Increased collagen can help to reduce wrinkles. Skin that looks younger is often a result of an exercise routine!


But, exercise won’t detox your skin. Although some have claimed that exercise detoxes your skin, it doesn’t. The liver is the organ that helps your body to neutralize toxins. In the spirit of detoxing, increased blood flow can help to flush cellular debris out of your body when exercising. It’s a great way to clean your skin from the inside out! Your increased blood circulation will result in increased white blood cell production and better lymph drainage. These both will boost your immune system and help you to avoid those common colds and sickness!


2. It Can De-stress and Ease Some Skin Conditions


Acne and eczema are a few of the skin conditions that can improve when you’re exercising. You could also experience reduced oil production. The sebaceous glands in your skin which produce oil are influenced by your stress hormones. You may see a reduction in the oil your skin secretes as you add exercise into your routine.


Exercise can also help your lymph system and its roughly 500 lymph nodes clear your body of waste. When working out your muscles contract and squeeze your lymph nodes. This contracting helps them to pump waste out of your body resulting in a less puffy and inflamed version of you!


3. Breaking a Sweat Can Expel Trapped Dirt and Oil In Your Pores


As you sweat, your pores will dilate. Your sweat will then expel the dirt and oil in your pores as it’s excreted. This is a good thing but you don’t want that waste to lay on your skin. Be sure to wash your face when you’re done working out to get rid of any dirt or oil that may still be laying on the surface of your skin. You should especially be doing this if you sweat a lot during your workout.


Breaking a sweat can also reduce inflammation, regulate skin-significant hormones and prevent damage from free-radicals.


Exercising can help you to look and feel better inside and out, which is why you should incorporate it into your routine! I found that working out was so much easier when I used Bit Class Pass. If you haven’t tried Bit Class Pass, I recommend them! For those who want to hear more about my experience with it, what classes I chose and why enjoy it, please message me. I’d love to help you figure out if it’d be a good way for you to get back into exercising!


Something to Consider When Exercising


A word of caution…if you’re exercising outdoors then sunscreen is a must. Sun exposure can wreak havoc on your skin and increase your risk of getting skin cancer. The sun is also notorious for premature aging of your skin. So whenever you’re exercising outside, wear sunblock that has a high SPF and choose to avoid exercising during the peak sun times of 10AM and 4PM.


Even though many people don’t like sunscreen because as they sweat it can get into their eyes, you should wear it if you’re exercising outdoors. If you’re exercising during peak sun time, then wear clothing that covers your body to avoid sun exposure. Moisture-wicking clothing that’s loose fitting is your best bet to avoid chafing or irritating other skin conditions such as acne while you’re working out. Avoid wearing makeup and make sure your skin is clean to avoid any breakouts post workout as well!


There’s no supplement or replacement that can replace what exercise does for your skin and health as a whole. I recommend incorporating exercise into your life and seeing how it impacts not only your health but your skin. I’d love to hear how it goes for you!


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