I’m sure you’ve heard of it, even if only through my social media or blog posts… gua sha is where it’s at right now! Gua sha is a technique that I’ve been using more and more during facials and I love it! “Gua” means to scrape, and “sha” means reddish rash (petechiae), blood stagnation or flow to the surface of your skin. Hence why gua sha involves rubbing or scraping stones on your skin during your facial.

Gua sha is an ancient chinese modality that has been handed down from generation to generation. According to traditional Chinese medicine, qi or chi is energy that flows throughout our bodies. If your qi isn’t balanced or flowing freely it can affect your health or wellness. This is why these ancient practitioners came up with gua sha to move this blocked energy and create balance.

 This self care practice can be used by anyone and it can help to lift, sculpt and purify your skin and muscle tissue. It’s known for relieving tension in your muscles and connective tissue that can cause wrinkles in your skin. It also helps your lymph move impurities and filter them out of your body. This helps to create space in the deep layers of your skin for qi, nutrients, blood and oxygen to flow freely so that your skin will look healthy and glow! Just like exercise is great for our bodies, gua sha is like exercise for your skin and can help to keep it in peak condition.

There are many benefits to gua sha being a part of your facial because it promotes cell renewal by stimulating manual lymphatic drainage and manipulation of your connective tissue.

The Benefits of Gua Sha are as follows:

  • It can help to renew your facial contour as well as to lift sagging skin
  • It can help to reduce inflammation, puffiness and dark circles
  • It can brighten your complexion
  • It will minimize fine lines and wrinkles
  • It can diminish blemishes, redness and sensitive skin
  • It helps stimulate cell activity which increases the production of collagen and elastin
  • It can help to regenerate facial tissue
  • It can relieve tension and pain
  • It can enhance your skin’s ability to breathe
  • It increases your skin’s ability to absorb vital nutrients
  • It can purify your skin
  • It oxygenates your skin
  • It can regulate the free flow of qi and blood
  • It can harmonize your yin and yang
  • It can provide relief for those who suffer from TMJ and headaches

Gua sha can be a great addition to any facial. Manual lymphatic drainage is great for our body’s immune/defense system. When your lymph is stagnant, it creates inflammation and can lead to deterioration of your body and skin. This can present with the following symptoms: acne, rosacea, puffiness, dark circles, couperose and more.

Gua sha can be a great way to get even more results during your facial. If you suffer from tension in your face, you’ll find some relief from gua sha as well. If you book a facial with me, don’t hesitate to reach out and add gua sha to it. It can help to move your blocked qi energy and relieve stagnation and tension you may be carrying around!

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