Low-level light therapy is a fantastic way to treat muscle and joint pain, acne, and signs of aging. In this world obsessed with looking (and feeling) younger, that is awesome. The Celluma Low-Level Light Therapy Device is a new treat to the studio. You’ll absolutely love it. Here are some of the major benefits of using light therapy in conjunction with skincare and body work.

What is Light Therapy?

Aside from an almost miraculous device, light therapy is rooted in science. It was originally researched and developed by NASA. In a nutshell, low-level light therapy is the application of light energy to the body to obtain therapeutic benefits.

It produces a natural photo biochemical reaction similar to the process of plant photosynthesis. This helps your cells regenerate. There are a wide range of beneficial applications across many parts of your body.

It can treat: acne, wrinkles, arthritic pain, muscle spasms, muscle and joint pain, muscle tissue tension. It also decreases inflammation, increases micro-circulation.

For Skincare

I talk a lot about skincare because being good to your skin is so important. It’s your body’s largest organ, so whatever you put on it will be absorbed into your body at a rapid rate. It’s also a great line of defense for harmful toxins when treated well. Plus, who doesn’t want amazingly beautiful skin? Regular facials and treatments with good-for-your-skin products will help you achieve makeup-free skin.

It’s important to note that the Celluma does not us UV rays. It works by sending different wavelengths of light to your skin. Different cells and layers of your skin in your body respond to different light wavelengths. All we have to do is put the mask over the area you want to treat. It works without abrasives to deliver benefits right to your skin!

This is the only panel device that the FDA has cleared to treat with blue, red, and infrared simultaneously. So, you’re getting the most benefit all at once in a safe manner.

The Celluma is primarily known to help with acne and anti-aging. It’s a great addition after a resurfacing treatment such as a peel or dermaplaning. Your skin is fresh and has no barriers between it and whatever treatment you’re using, whether it’s a product or light therapy.

The light destroys acne-causing bacteria. As you know from the post about skincare routines for oily skin, oils lead to bacteria growth which leads to acne. This safely eliminates that bacteria in your skin. Not only does the Celluma clear up existing blemishes, but prevents future breakouts before they happen thanks to that light working deep in the layers of your skin.

Signs of aging will be zapped by the Celluma, too. In an observational study using Celluma to treat facial wrinkles, 80% of participants saw an improvement in skin texture, 77% reported an improvement in skin firmness, and 66% reported an improvement in facial wrinkles after only four weeks.

After one treatment, you’ll see a smoother, more radiant complexion, but best results are achieved during continued use. It’s nontoxic and noninvasive, so it’s great for absolutely anyone, teens and adults alike.

Benefits of Light Therapy for Skin, Muscles, and More - Meet the Celluma!

For Pain Management

While we do what we can to avoid muscle pain, like stretching at our desks and getting regular maintenance massages, it happens. You bend the wrong way or you sleep at a wrong angle. Light therapy is great for chronic pain as well as these kinks that pop up out of nowhere.

Just like skincare, the different wavelengths reach different parts of your cells to treat and repair them. The wavelengths go in deep, way down to the cellular level.

The wavelengths of light energy are absorbed by photoreceptors in the mitochondria of compromised cells to regain and restore vitality.

This process increases the production of adenosine triposphate (ATP), the fuel that drives all cells.  The resulting boost in cellular energy leads to a cascade of metabolic events which can increase microcirculation. This decreases arthritic and joint pain, muscle spasms, and muscle and joint stiffness.

Basically any and all parts of your body will benefit from light therapy. The Celluma is nothing short of a miracle. The fact that it works at the deep cell level naturally to repair and restore your cells is amazing to me. We aren’t that different from plants; they get so many benefits from sunlight and our bodies benefit from light, too.

Whether you want to improve your skin’s appearance and texture or you want relief from chronic pain, the benefits you’ll see from the Celluma Low-Level Light Therapy Device available in the studio are incredible!

Light Therapy for Skin, Muscles, and More - Meet the Celluma!

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