Gemstones have been used since ancient times for healing and to connect the user to source energy. Like any other substance on earth, they’re made of molecules and have a unique vibration. It’s this vibrational energy that connects the wearer to the specific benefits of each gemstone. They change the attitude of the wearer with these vibrations and open the body to their healing properties.

I love crystals and gemstones because they’re a reminder to be more open to what each one represents. For example, if I carry rose quartz on me, I feel more loving and am able to embody that more in my daily life. It’s like how a gratitude practice helps you to be more grateful. Gemstones help you to be more of whatever stone you’re using. It also allows you to call that energy into your own life more easily.

Gemstones each have their own unique feel and use, though many of them overlap. When choosing a stone to use in your daily travels, pick the one that resonates most with you. A few of my favorites include Fushsite, Malachite, and Turquoise.

The Magical Healing Properties of Gemstones


Also known as the “Happily Ever After Stone” or “The Fairy Crystal,” Fushsite infuses the heart chakra with healing energy. It promotes peacefulness, relaxation, and positive thoughts. That’s just what I want to surround myself with when thinking of my happily ever after!

Fushsite is also great to hold in your hand while you meditate. It’s positive vibrations allow you to see the joy in little things in your life. The more you’re grateful for, the more you have to be grateful for. It’s like a snowball effect of good juju!

Whether you want to find love (which rose quartz is also great at) or create a warm, fuzzy feeling around us, fushsite is a gemstone to reach for to generate those positive, happy thoughts.


Malachite was worn in ancient times to protect the wearer from the evil eye and to cure various ailments. Malachite transforms the wearer and works to clear all of your chakras, but it works specifically in balancing the heart chakra. It radiates energy that stimulates the heart chakra and keeps it in alignment. Like Fushite, it helps to create positive energy around you and remind you to remain hopeful and open.

Malachite is great to carry on you when you’re having problems in a relationship. Because it clears your heart chakra, you’ll be able to see problems clearly and have the courage to act on the solution to the issue.


Turquoise use also dates back to ancient times. It’s known as “The Stone of Life and Protection.” Egyptians would surround their royalty in turquoise to protect their soul and keep their energy alive after it left their body to continue into the afterlife. In Native American cultures, it was believed to be bits of the sky. When attached to an arrow, it thought it would help it fly more true and aid in protection.

Turquoise is also known as a Master Healing stone. It protects the wearer and keeps them safe in their daily travels. This gemstone also works to align all of your chakras, like malachite, which helps to strengthen the entire body, though wearing turquoise stimulates the throat chakra and aid in communication and articulation of thoughts.

Need a mental energy boost? Grab turquoise. Want to feel confident? Turquoise. Need to calm your nerves? Yep, turquoise.


Whether you want to balance your whole body or focus on a specific chakra and solution, gemstones are wonderful to bring mental presence to your everyday life.

What gemstones do you use regularly?

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