You know that feeling of, “Oh, good gracious, I need a massage right now!” It comes usually after you’ve increased your workout routine, have been doing something physical that you don’t normally do (like moving or intense yard work), or you’ve just been sitting at a desk for too long. With a maintenance massage, though, you’re able to prevent that extremely uncomfortable feeling of needing a massage this instant. Your body will have a great response and you’ll actually feel longer lasting effects of your massage the more often you get one.

What is Maintenance Massage and Why You Need It

What is Maintenance Massage?

Maintenance massage is simply a regularly scheduled massage appointment. Think of it like an oil change for your car. When you routinely get your car’s oil changed, your vehicle performs better, gets better gas mileage, and you prevent a really big catastrophe from happening, like driving around without oil in your engine.

A maintenance massage works the same way. You reap the benefits of massage and your body performs even better because you’ve scheduled this maintenance for yourself. You’ve also prevented something big from happening, like having a muscle injury, because you’ve taken care of your body. It actually can improve your systems the more regularly you come in for a massage!

Benefits of Maintenance Massage

There are so many benefits to getting a massage and they’re even more powerful the more often you do it. My favorite benefits are both physical and mental. Let’s start by exploring some of the great physical benefits you’ll experience when you get a massage on a regular basis.

Physical Benefits

The biggest benefit of massage is what it can do for your muscles. You’ll experience a great deal of relaxation in your body. Tight, cramped muscles will be soothed. Massage can improve your range of motion because it stretches the connective tissues in your body. You can also expect a decrease in muscle fatigue and an improvement in strength because you’re now able to repeat motions, like lifting weights, for a longer period of time without straining yourself.

A few other physical benefits include: increase blood circulation, improve lymphatic drainage that carries waste away from the muscles and other organs, calm the nervous system, and speed healing time from injury.

Mental Benefits

There are also so many mental benefits of massage. Like the physical benefits of relaxation, you’ll experience that mentally as well.

First and foremost, you’ll feel an improved sense of well being. Common stressors won’t seem that bad anymore and you’ll be able to address issues with more grace and mental clarity. In addition, you’ll experience improved concentration in both quality and quantity of time spent. People who get frequent massages have a better outlook on life.

Another mental benefit is an improvement in your sleep. When you have regular massages, your length and quality of rest is better. It’s likely from the physical relaxation, but also an improved mental outlook. Finally, you’ll experience less irritation, stress, and anxiety throughout the day.


It’s important to take care of your body and massage is one of the best ways to do that. Frequently getting a massage isn’t frivolous, you’re doing something great for your body. You’re actually preventing illnesses, injuries, and stress that could turn into big problems down the road. When you get maintenance massages, or routinely schedule a massage for yourself, your body will perform so much better.

I hear it after almost every massage: I feel so relaxed now! That’s because you’ve taken time for yourself. Reap the benefits by scheduling a monthly massage for yourself! Click here to schedule a massage and see how great you feel afterwards. Why wouldn’t you want to feel like that on a regular basis?

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