I’m so excited to share African Black Soap and a few other goodies I picked up at TRIBALEYE in Toronto.

Black Soap can fix just about every problem. It’s the MacGyver of skincare products. And it’s great for anyone who cannot stand having multiple steps in their skincare routine. It is your cleanser, treatment (for multiple concerns), and shampoo, among other things.

This soap goes beyond just making bubbles. It’s packed with good-for-your-skin ingredients and the benefits are insane. Black soap literally cleans out all the impurities from the skin inside and out.

What’s In Black Soap

Black soap creates a soft lather without the animal fat additives that are commonly used in soaps today. It’s made from plantain skin, cocoa pods, shea butter, palm leaves, and palm and palm kernel oil. The plantain skins, cocoa pods, and palm leaves are set out to dry for two weeks, then the leaves are burned in a kettle. Water is added to the ashes and then filtered. Next, shea butter, palm oil, kernel oil, and cocoa butter are added to the water. The soap is hand stirred for at least 24 hours and set to cure for two weeks.

Plantain Skin – antioxidants, protein, folic acid, thiamine, riboflavin, potassium, and vitamin C

Cocoa Pods – rich in antioxidants, strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Shea Butter – repairs damaged skin tissues, helps generate collagen

Palm Leaves — antimicrobial, antioxidants, improves circulation

Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil– vitamin E, alpha and beta carotene and other antioxidants, as well as essential fatty acids.

What Does It Do?

The question is what doesn’t black soap do. It’s a 100% natural wash that’s enriched with vitamins and nutrients. It’s also handmade and free of preservatives and fragrances. Because it’s handmade, there’s a reduced chance of processed items entering your body.

I know, we all worry about the processed foods we eat, but we need to clean up our other products, too, as they enter our body through our skin, our largest organ!

It’s also a natural source of Vitamins A & E as well as iron. Again, because your skin is the largest organ and it absorbs into your bloodstream whatever you put on it, this is great. Plus, these vitamins are essential to healthy, balanced skin. They also help strengthen hair (and rumor has it, it can help thinning hair!)

There are high amounts of glycerin in the soap. The glycerin absorbs moisture from the air and literally deposits it into the skin, making the skin soft and supple. Because of the oils and shea butter, it’s also great as a shaving cream and to soothe skin after shaving.

Some people use this just on their face, but I love to use it all over. Since it’s antimicrobial, it helps to eliminate razor bumps and ingrown hairs. It’s amazing as a shampoo, too, since it’s gentle but clarifying and helps strengthen your hair.

African black soap has been proven to:

  • treat acne
  • relieve eczema and psoriasis
  • reduce fine lines
  • eliminate stretch marks
  • reduce body odor
  • brighten dark and discolored spots

A Must for Oily and Combination Skin Types

Because it’s a gentle cleanser, it’s a must-have for oily skin types. It cuts through oil while leaving your skin nourished. This is huge because, especially as an oily person, you don’t want to entirely strip your skin dry. That’ll cause your skin to over-produce oil and you’ll be even shinier.

You can read more about skincare routines for oily skin types and see more product recommendations here.

Another reason why it’s great for oily and combo skin types is that it’s antimicrobial. Oil breeds bacteria and bacteria leads to breakouts. But if you use a product that cuts the bacteria from the get-go, your skin will be in that much better shape.

I can tell you, I have seen a huge improvement in the acne I’ll occasionally get on my body (hello, it’s summer, that happens!) and my razor bumps are basically gone.

What’s New in the Studio

Obviously, I’m excited for African black soap. I have two varieties based on skin type. The bar version is perfect for oily skin types. The liquid version is good for any combination skin types. Really, any skin type can benefit from using this.

I also have the Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask. You’ll love it! It exfoliates, cleanses, and refreshes! Its high concentration of salt and minerals helps your cell function and circulation, bringing vital nutrients and oxygen to your skin. That circulation forces toxins and waste from our bodies, giving skin a powerful detoxifying. It also will treat acne, blackheads, and pimples.

And then, there’s the Celluma. It’s another amazing skincare item. Read more about its amazing benefits here.

I can’t wait wait for you to come in and try these new products. The black soap takes about 50 treatments and packs them into one product!

Not only are these products good for your skin, they’re good for the world. Each fair-trade purchase of African black soap supports sustainable production and, in some cases, directly benefits communities in need. Your summer skin will thank you and you’ll feel amazing.

You Need to Use African Black Soap

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