Hyaluronic acid has been included in skin care products for ages. If you aren’t sure how is it beneficial to you, I wanted to share a bit more about it. Read on to learn more about this powerful ingredient and discover my favorite Yonka products that contain hyaluronic acid.

You Need to Use Hyaluronic Acid

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

It’s a lubricating substance produced naturally in the body. Its primary job is to help retain collagen, increase moisture, and provide elasticity to skin, joints, and other tissues.

We typically associate hyaluronic acid with anti-aging because it’s found in many anti-aging products. As we age, our daily environment puts stress on our skin (hello free radicals!) and our body doesn’t produce as much of the skin-plumping ingredients (like water and collagen) as it used to.

Because hyaluronic acid is great at binding water, it gets top billing as an anti-aging ingredient for its plumping abilities. One gram (0.03 ounce) of hyaluronic acid can hold up to six liters of water.

Why is it Great for Skin Care?

That ability to hold moisture in the skin is why it helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. In fact, results from a 2014 double-blind, randomized clinical trial appearing in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology showed that products containing hyaluronic acid effectively decreased the appearance of wrinkles and reduced skin sagging within 30 days of consistent use.

Hyaluronic acid is also an antioxidant superhero. As we know, antioxidants are essential to fighting free radicals. Since your skin is the largest organ and always in contact with the environment, protecting it and replenishing it is very important.

It’s incredibly useful for all skin types. Everyone can benefit from adding hyaluronic acid to their routine. It’s suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. While it is replenishing skin from the inside out, it’s revealing softer, smoother skin that glows with dewiness.

Products with Hyaluronic Acid for all Skin Types

The Hydra line from Yonka is my favorite way to support my skin with good-for-it hyaluronic acid. I love both the Hydra Fluide and Hydra Serum.

I use the Hydra Fluide in the morning because it’s a lightweight moisturizer that makes my skin look plump and dewy. You don’t have to worry about clogged pores with this moisturizer. At night or after a dermaplaning service when I really need to replenish my skin, I’ll use the Hydra Serum for an intense burst of hydration. I also like to use it when I feel especially dry, again knowing it won’t cause breakouts.

I’ve also been getting a lot of great feedback on the Yonka Excellence Code Creme. It’s perfect for mature skin because it’s packed with a ton of radiance-revealing, anti-aging ingredients, like oils, extracts, and, of course, hyaluronic acid. The jar doesn’t let in air; the ingredients remain at top potency for much longer than other creams.


When combined with routine skin care maintenance like targeted facials and dermaplaning, hyaluronic acid will help improve the appearance of your skin. It works to repair your skin from the inside out by bringing moisture to your skin and providing it with antioxidants.

Reveal your best face with a custom facial and recommended Yonka products that contain hyaluronic acid!


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