Finding a skincare routine that works for you and is exactly right all the time is like finding perfect jeans. It can absolutely be done, but it takes a little leg work. Especially in the summer, oily skin types have a hard time with their skincare routine.

Does this sound familiar: break out, treat the break out, get dry, moisturize more than normal, break out, repeat? I know it does to a lot of you!

The good news is that the same basic items go into every oily skincare routine. The exact products change, but the type stays the same. With some expert guidance, your routine will be as good as those jeans.

The Routine

The first step is to understand your skin. Oily skin has large oil glands and high sebum content. It’s genetic (sorry to say) but you’ll be less likely to develop deep wrinkles like dry, parched skin. So, take the good with the bad!

In an ironic twist of fate, oil helps to fight oil. Drying out your skin will make it over-produce oil to try to moisturize itself. This is the opposite of what we want! The goal of a skincare routine for an oily gal is to lessen the oil activity by keeping your skin cells lightly hydrated.


While most people don’t have to wash their skin in the morning, people with oily skin do. Oil breeds bacteria and bacteria leads to breakouts—so eliminate the oil. Look for a gentle gel or foam cleanser, one without excessive detergents. You want to cut the oil, but don’t want to make your skin too dry.

Try: Yonka Gel Nettoyant, TRIBALEYE Black Soap (learn more about Black Soap here)


After you wash, it’s important to balance your skin’s pH level. This is achieved with toner. Look for an alcohol-free toner, so it isn’t drying for your skin. Something that has witch hazel may suit you well. It’s a natural ingredient that has an astringent effect but it doesn’t dry you out. Also look for geranium, an essential oil that cuts other oils.

Try: Yonka Lotion Yon-ka PNG


The first thing on your skin after toning should be your targeted treatment products. Think serums and products with concentrated ingredients that should be “doing” something for your skin. These come first on clean skin because it allows them to penetrate and target the best.

Any serum with alpha-hydroxy acids or beta-hydroxy acids will help reduce the appearance of large pores as well as brighten dull spots. If you’re acne-prone, look for ingredients like salicylic acid and tea-tree oil to keep your skin clear.

Retinol is a great addition as well as hyaluronic acid. Be sure to note when (AM or PM) you should use your different treatments.

Try: Yonka Creme 15 (anti-acne), Yonka Alpha-Fluid (revitalizes skin and reduces appearance of fine lines)


Don’t skip moisturizer! I know, it’s tempting. You think your skin has enough oil in it, why do you need to add another layer? Look for a lightweight or gel formula that will absorb quickly into your skin. While we want to moisturize the skin, we don’t want heavy products and tons of oil sitting on top of it!

Look for products that help your skin retain moisture so you aren’t stripping and drying the skin which will lead to more oil. Hyaluronic acid is fantastic for this!

Try: Yonka Hydra Fluide, Yonka Vital Defense


Physical sunscreen is your friend. They contain active mineral ingredients that sit on top of your skin, creating a layer between your skin and the sun. Definitely look for zinc oxide sunscreens because those will leave a more matte finish to your skin. Plus, it’s a natural antibacterial and ideal for people prone to breakouts.

Try: Any Yonka Sunscreen


Everyone needs to be using an eye cream and everyone should exfoliate (just beware you don’t over-exfoliate!). It’s up to you which ones you want to do. I love and recommend dermaplaning no matter your skin type, but definitely for oily girls as it removes everything from your face (dead skin and fine hairs) that can harbor oil and bacteria.

You may also want to incorporate a clay mask once a week. When the mask dries, it brings excess oil to the skin’s surface and traps it. It’s a good way to do a deep clean. Don’t leave it on too long, though, as that can cause dryness (and as you’ve learned, that’s the thing to avoid at all costs).

Try: Yonka Gommage Yon-ka (exfoliate), Yonka Masque 103 (complexion-clearing mask), Yonka Nutri-Contour (eye cream)

Your Environment

Stress, activity level, and diet all play a role in your skin’s appearance. Things like reducing your sugar intake and increasing your water intake, exercising, and reducing your stress will help to decrease the oil your skin produces. It’ll also help to boost your hormones and balance your body for better skin.

You can also do wonders for your skin by coming in for regular facials. They’re an essential part to any skincare routine as your aesthetician can create a protocol specifically for your skin type and concerns. He or she can also recommend products that are just right for you. No more wandering Ulta wondering what to get. Plus, regular deep cleansing, exfoliating, and treatments, will help to heal your skin. It won’t need to be covered up by makeup.

Once you settle into a skincare routine that works for you, you’ll never want to change. Finding the right products make a huge difference in both your happiness and your skin’s health!

PS: All of the products mentioned are available in the studio for you to pick up right here in Pittsburgh!

Skincare Routine for Oily Skin Types

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