As summer ends and fall starts, your skin is probably in desperate need of some TLC. If you can’t afford a facial every month, you should at least try to get one once a season to give your skin a good refresher. There are tons of great reasons to get a facial. They’re not an immediate fix for everyone but over time, they can help your complexion immensely! I love facials because they treat a variety of issues and can benefit anyone at any age.


There are several questions I’m often asked regarding facials, but one of the most common questions is, “Do I need a facial?” The truth is, everyone can benefit from facials regularly in one way or another.

When my clients ask if they need a facial, here are a few of the reasons I give them on how they can benefit from one:

  • If you’re interested in preventing future skin problems – Facials can help to lessen monthly breakouts, and even signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. Prevention is a key benefit of facials. Many don’t think about anti-aging until it’s too late. It’s never too early to start thinking about preventing the signs of aging. Your skin starts slowing down after age 22 so starting to think about how to take care of your skin can only help you in your 20s.
  • If you have dry skin – If your skin is dry, rough or flaky then a facial can help to deliver immediate results that can help get your skin back in check. Your skin will feel soft, hydrated and fresh after your facial.
  • They can help you train your skin – If you make time for a facial every 4 weeks, you can change your complexion. Skin cells respond to routine, which means they’ll take to a facial schedule well. Make sure you ask your esthetician about your skin type before deciding on what plan is right for you.
  • Over time they can completely change your skin – When you get facials regularly, you’ll see major changes in your skin. Over time you’ll notice brighter, more radiant skin that’s easier to apply makeup to.
  • Professional exfoliation is key – When you’re taking care of your skin at home you’re not exfoliating deeply enough to get your skin cells to regenerate and to stimulate collagen/elastin production as well as to get all of the dead skin cells off. This is where a professional can help. Buying strong exfoliators at stores isn’t always a good idea either. The stronger exfoliators you buy at the store are not always best for your skin, it’s always better to have a professional treat your skin with strong exfoliants to prevent damage.


There are 8 reasons to get a facial that’ll make a big difference to your skin:

  1. Getting rid of acne – Facials will clear up your acne like nothing else. If your facial involves extractions, your esthetician will make sure not to miss a single pore which is hard to do yourself. Plus, picking at acne is the WORST! Don’t do it! Instead come in for extractions and don’t get the acne’s bacteria on your hands which can get into your pores and make the problem worse. If you’re interested in extractions, it’s always best to have an esthetician do them so that you don’t damage your skin and create scars on your face. Estheticians can do extractions so that your skin isn’t damaged. When you have acne, a gentle approach is always best to bring down the swelling. Often, you can be harsh on your acne prone skin by using strong face washes, over exfoliating, and by picking at acne – which can make your acne worse. A trained esthetician, like myself, can help you figure out which facial can help you avoid breakouts, get rid of large blemishes and help your skin heal from past acne scars.
  2. Different faces need different facials – I offer several different types of facials at Eclectic Remedies for a reason. Different skin types and needs require different facials. Decide what skin issues you want to address and feel free to contact me and I can recommend a facial that will benefit you today!
  3. They can help you relax & relieve stress – A facial should be a spa- like experience. You get to relax on a comfortable table while soft music plays in the background and your being pampered. Massage beds, like mine, are typically heated as well which can be very relaxing, especially as it gets colder out!
  4. To treat a variety of cosmetic skin issues – There are many unsightly issues that your skin can have and a facial can help with all of them. These include: crows feet, under eye bags, dark circles, puffiness, dry lips, aging skin, fine lines, poor elasticity, dehydration, flakiness, neck creases, enlarged pores, excess oil, clogged pores, pigmented spots, redness and more.


If you’re curious what facials I offer, here are the ones I offer at my studio and some of their amazing benefits:


  • Escale Beaute Facial – This facial is great for women who want a quick facial. It’s a great way to boost your complexion and get your skin glowing!
  • Le Grand Classique Facial – This is a wonderful deep skin cleansing facial that includes five steps. It’s great for any skin type and will deep clean your pores and restore your skin.
  • Sensitive Skin/Redness Facial – If you have reactive, sensitive or red skin this is the facial for you. All the products used in this facial are designed to soothe and calm your skin while reducing redness.
  • Optimizer Facial – This facial is a great service for those who have skin with a lack of resiliency and can be a great treat after you’ve lost weight. It’s designed to help with anti-aging and lifts and firms your skin.
  • The Big Clean Facial – You’ll get a deep clean with extractions and high frequency during this facial. Your face will be cleansed, followed by a massage to soften your skin. This facial includes a deep pore cleansing mask, steam and then extractions and high frequency to kill all the bacteria on your face.
  • Soin Teenager Facial – This facial is great for young skin and will help to cleanse pores and balance and soothe the skin.
  • New Facials TO BE ANNOUNCED – Stay tuned to my social media pages and website as I’ll be adding some wonderful new facials soon!


Getting a facial is a great way to reboot your skin for the upcoming fall season and winter months ahead and can help those who are seeking to fight aging or those who are struggling with acne. When you get a facial make sure you talk to your esthetician and find out what skincare routine is best for you and how often coming in for a facial would benefit you.


If you have any questions regarding facials, I’m always happy to answer your questions. You can reach out to me via my contact page on my website or on one of my social media pages.

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